I am Vidhi, a physiotherapist and currently pursuing Masters of Sports Science from University of Southern Queensland.

I am highly inclined towards massage and physiotherapy since they are the only non invasive techniques to cure pain and to continue a normal life. These hands-on skill helps me to locate the problem with underlying tissues and muscles that has been the real culprit of your pain and has been hindering your normal lifestyle. 

My skills in this wide field of massage include myofascial release, ischemic compression techniques, kneeding, rolling, superficial massage and efflurage.  

I have been practising independent physiotherapy for 3 years now and my interest in sports science brought me to Ipswich and since massage has always been an integral part of my practise I got a chance to work with body techniques which has been serving people for more than three decades now.  


5 Star Rating


I was very happy with my remedial massage with Vidhi. I was in a lot of pain beforehand and am now much more comfortable.

Kat Hatton

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