Massage Treatments

Massage Therapy Available in Ipswich

We specialise in Remedial Massage Therapy administered by both male and female therapists. Our therapists can provide pain and stress relief or simply a great relaxation massage.

We have qualified therapists and therefore your therapy may be eligible for health fund rebates. Body Techniques is the ONLY Medibank Preferred provider for Remedial Massage in Ipswich.

  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Relazation
  • Qualified male and female therpists
  • Health Fund Rebates
Remedial/Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy & Relaxation Massage Standard
20 min Massage Therapies $45.00
30 min Massage Therapies $67.00
45 min Massage Therapies $80.00
60 min Massage Therapies $95.00
75 min Massage Therapies $120.00
90 min Massage Therapies $145.00
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