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Cold & Flu – Value Pack SAVE $15.50


Safeguard yourself against winter ‘nasties’ this year with The Natural Way ‘Cold and Flu’ Value Pack.   The four (4) formulations which combine to give you the best possible natural defence against colds and flu’s are:

  •  1 x FORMULATION D – our immune stimulant!!  This formulation blend contains both Echinacea and Golden Seal – these are both specific immune boosters that help to improve your body’s resistance against disease / infection.  $43.50
  •  1 x FORMULATION C-1000 – it has been scientifically proven that adequate Vitamin C levels can not only prevent the onset of a cold but also lessen its duration and severity. $25.00
  • 1 x DE-XTRA – this is our detoxifier!!  Being free of toxins will provide your body the right environment to keep healthy and ready to fight invading viruses for the whole winter.   $43.50
  • 1 x B+ ZINC & PASSIFLORA – Zinc is a mineral that plays a vital role in enhancing the function of the immune system.  Like Vitamin C, Zinc is an antioxidant and these work to help prevent the problem causing ‘virus’ damaging your healthy cells  $33.50
  • Normal price for our 4 Cold & Flu individual products are $145.50, but as your Value Pack you pay only $130.00, SAVING you $15.50

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