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Formulation D

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Formulation D is the base formulation in The Natural Way’s health care range. Natural immune booster, fights infection.

Formulation D contains a therapeutically diverse range of herbs – this means that the herbs in Formulation D are beneficial to different areas of your body (including the immune system) giving you an improvement in your general well-being.

As you are aware, just by living in today’s society, we are subject to a far greater amount of pollutants and chemicals than in the past. These pollutants may cause a toxic build up in the body resulting in a steady decline of the effective function of your body’s organs and systems. In particular, your bowel can become congested, especially if your diet is high in over-processed foods and you do not drink enough water.

Two of the herbs in Formulation D are Senna and Medicinal Rhubarb.? These two herbs help to rid the body of waste and promote elimination. Therefore, Formulation D may help in the relief of constipation and have a cleansing effect on the bowel*. In fact, weight loss clients who have a history of chronic constipation will enhance their results by taking Formulation D with Formulation A-Plus.

Also, Formulation D contains herbs which may help to stimulate digestion. Herbal treatment for immune system, may improve your natural cure.

As with all of The Natural Way formulations, Formulation D is a natural formulation and is designed to work in synergy with the other formulations in The Natural Way range.

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