Fitness isn't just weight loss

By Tomas
8 Week Challenge

Looking for fitness, not just weight loss? We can help with that!

Nicole and Tomas can help you get your fitness back, have you feeling great and fitting into your slim clothes.

We offer 4 training sessions per week, Monday and Wednesday at 6.30pm, Running Training on Thursday at 7pm, and Saturday morning at 6.30am.

We are about to start our 15th Weightloss and Fitness challenge. This challenge will begin in September, getting you Summer Ready.

The best thing about our challenges, is that you are challenging yourself to be the best that you can be with a group of likeminded people!

Our first 8 week challenge was in September 2012. We don’t run from one to another so the emphasis is on you ACHIEVING not just making up numbers.


Our 15th 8 Week Challenge begins September 2017!

It’s outdoors | It’s fun | It’s effective.
Enjoy a giggle while you work to lose your jiggle.
Contact us for details!

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