8 Week Challenge 9 Results

By Tomas
8 Week Challenge

8WC9 - June-July 2015

We are quite the regulars now at the Prince Alfred Hotel.  We all love the chance to dress up and enjoy good food, good company and lots of laugh as we play some games and announce our challenge winners, and they never get boring with the antics of the challengers who have spent the last 8 weeks training, laughing, and encouraging each other.

Whether you're just starting or a seasoned challenger, why not think about joining our next challenge in September/October 2015.

Trainee of the Challenge
(as voted by all participants)
Most Points Nikki  
Highest % Weight Loss Kaye 6.84%
Biggest Weight Loss Nikki 6.3kg
Most Improved Fitness Abbi Level increase of 0.9
Heart reate increase of 13%
Fittest of the Challenge Abbi Level 6.4
Overall Champion Kaye  


 Congratulations to all involved!

Our next Challenge is starting September - book in now!

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