8 Week Challenge - 8WC2 Results

By Tomas
8 Week Challenge

Goal setting is the MOST vital aspect of achieving your weight loss success - by setting personal goals and putting in 100% effort to achieve them, your goals can certainly become a reality. 

Results for 8WC2

% Lost Champion – Brooke 9.95% 
Biggest Loser – Brooke 8.5 kgs
Fitness Improvement Champion – Brooke 75%


8WC4 Starting 9th of September - call to be a part of it

2nd Assessment Beep Test

It's all over - Final Assessment Group Photo


Having fun at prize giving

Brooke - Overall Champion


Christine - 1st New Clients (6.57%), 2nd Biggest Loser (6.3kg)

Kerry – 2nd New Clients 6.47%, 2nd Fitness Improvement

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