8 Week Challenge 10 Results

By Tomas
8 Week Challenge

8WC10 - September-October 2015

Our last Awards celebrations for 2015. Once again some wonderful results.  Watching our challengers transform over 8 weeks brings us a lot of pleasure.  It isn't only physically that they change - we see changes in attitude, friendships made, a joie de vie that had been missing from them.  

We say "Thank you" for all of your efforts, whether this be your first challenge or your 10th, we've love having you on board!  Enjoy your results!

Trainee of the Challenge
(as voted by all participants)
Most Points Amanda
Highest % Weight Loss Amanda 12.27%
Biggest Weight Loss Jason 9.5kg
Most Improved Fitness Amanda level increase of 2.2
Fittest of the Challenge Abbi Level 6.9
Overall Champion Amanda

 We love doing these Challenges and hope that you enjoyed this one and the results you have achieved, the next Challenge which will be in February/March 2016.  We would love for you to join us for some Summer fun!!

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