Acupuncturist / Chinese Herbal Practitioner

If you experience pain, unusual symptoms, or your body just feels out of whack, Sonia at Body Techniques can help.

In her 10-plus years as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbal practitioner, Sonia’s seen incredible results in her clients including back pain in one client disappear after just one session and long-term menstrual complications in an 11-year old girl resolve in just days with the use of herbs.

After several years in scientific research after completing a Bachelor of Science, a hiatus travelling and working a few different jobs led to Sonia finding her calling studying Chinese Medicine in Sydney in 2007. After learning her ropes working in Victoria’s ski fields treating injuries, she now treats a host of health ailments.

Chinese Medicine is regarded as a general medicine, which means it can be used for any health issue. It’s most widely known for treating pain conditions, but it can be used to treat many issues - everything from stress and anxiety to fertility and menopause, to digestion, immunity and urinary issues.

Chinese Medicine theory takes into account emotional/mental states and how these can present in the physical body, as well as considering our environment. It recognises that we are a part of, and live in, a larger system and our illnesses reflect an imbalance in that system so it must all be taken into consideration. This holistic view to treating the body has led to feedback from countless clients of Sonia’s that their mental and physical health has been improved.

While some people are wary of acupuncture because they don’t like needles, Sonia attests the needles are so small they’re hardly felt, and that many people fall asleep during treatment as it is extremely relaxing.

If you’re experiencing a health ailment, or have tried traditional avenues with no relief, contact Body Techniques and ask for Sonia.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Sonya is an excellent acupuncturist. Highly recommend for any injuries and general well being


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